Lower back pain and body position

Your body’s position greatly effects the amount of pressure on the low back. Laying on your back creates the least amount of pressure, but just by standing straight you put 4 times the pressure on your lower back as compared to laying on your back. Standing and bending forward will increase the pressure on your lower back by another 50% as compared to standing straight. (Perhaps this is why so many patients lower back pain is initialed by just bending forward.) Your lower back pressure is significantly increased when you bend forward while holding a weight and the heavier the weight the more the pressure

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Lower back pain and obesity

Excess weight increases the weight on the disc and small joints in the lower back. Increased weight increases compression, degeneration, and pain. Also, excess weight is not gained symmetrically. The rule most weight gain is at the abdomen.  This creates a lever arm that multiplies the actual load (weight) on the discs and small joints of the lower back. The lower back muscle must then contract to maintain upright posture, further adding to the weight to the spine.

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PAIN RELIEF Without Drugs or Surgery

Hundreds or thousands or the nations seniors are misusing prescription drugs, including narcotic painkillers, anxiety medications and other pharmaceuticals, for everything from joint pain to depression. 

Over time, patients build up tolerance to opiate drugs, or suffer more pain, and they ask for more medication. 

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Proper posture and pain

Poor posture significantly increases the stress to the spine resulting muscle tightness, fatigue and pain. An easily understood example is the forward head posture. Your mother always told you to stand up straight- and she was right. Good posture is very important. It is good for you health, your mood, and even how you are perceived by others. Good posture can help you stave off age related conditions and allows your vital organs plenty of room to do thier job correctly.

Poor spinal posture is routinely addressed by chiropractors.

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