High Blood Pressure

Too often we keep pushing through our daily routines, hoping that our stressful lives will change at some point, but not examining the causes of this stress.  For many, stressful lives lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. Chronic stress can often lead to depression and anxiety—but, instead of examining the root of the problem, people immediately turn to medication to dull the often overwhelming pain, sadness, or nervousness. 

When we take the time to evaluate our commitments, focus and true purpose in life, and find ways to balance our day-to-day activities, stress can often stop burdening us, and we learn ways to not only cope with the stress, but change our attitude toward it and make changes to keep it at bay. Many find that a regular yoga practice can be of benefit in the process. In addition to providing nurturing and physical release of repressed feelings, yoga helps people to re-evaluate their outlook and expectations for their lives, examining the reasons for their feelings.