Spinal Degeneration


The spine will go though stages of spinal degeneration at an increased rate if there is a subluxation present. The chiropractors at Pearson Family Chiropractic can determine if you are suffering from spinal degeneration and help you determine if it is correctable or something that will be chronic.Remember to make an appointment for the evaluation before it has progressed to the perminate stage. 


During Phase 1, the spinal curvature and spine balance is reduced from normal. In addition, the discs, joints and nerves experience stress and age faster than normal. If you have the condition treated at this point, the process can often be undone. You want to receive chiropractic care right away before the stage progresses and becomes permanent and impossible to undo.Within the first stage of spinal degeneration, you will generally be pain free, but with examination you will notice mild spinal restrictions.


By the second stage of spinal degeneration, you are likely to experience pain, aches, restrictions, stress and fatigue. Nonetheless, there is still the chance to improve the condition within this stage with chiropractic care, this is considered the last stage when real improvement is possible. Therefore, it’s vital to receive chiropractic care right away. This stage is characterized by the discs narrowing, the bones deforming and the posture degenerating.


In the third stage of spinal degeneration, there is nerve damage and the bones and discs are deforming. You will probably experience a loss of energy and your height would reduce by this point. Because there are a lot of issues at this stage, you will experience more physical and mental involvement. However, it is possible for chiropractic care to reduce some of the effects.