Weak Legs

I first came to see Dr. Pearson because my leg kept giving out from underneath me, especially when I went up and down stairs. I had constant low back pain. I couldn’t even roll over in bed without hurting.

Since I began care I have no more pain, I can walk down a flight of stairs, I can even roll over in bed now.

I get to take walks with my grandson and I only occasionally have back pain and when I do get it, it’s not as severe.

I feel fantastic — like a new woman!
— MJS/female


I have experienced extraordinary and life-altering changes in my health since beginning chiropractic care.

I was diagnosed with Asthma approximately 10 years ago. Since that time I have been put on numerous medications and inhalers in an attempt to “control” my Asthma. The medical profession explained to me that Asthma is not curable thus, these medications and inhalers were required to assist me in my attempt to maintain a quality standard of life. The one thing that wasn’t discussed was that I must depend on these medicines in order to play on the playground with my children, to go hiking, to go camping... to LIVE! In addition, I was inundated with the cost it took to keep up with the prescriptions.

Then I came to see Dr. Dave. After just a few short months, chiropractic did what all those medications did not in 10 years. I have nearly no effects from Asthma. I use NO medications or inhalers at all!! I am free to enjoy my life without depending on a prescription. The supposed incurable disease I was diagnosed with is seemingly “cured”.

I want to share my personal victory with any and all individuals in hopes that they can experience the incredible benefits of chiropractic, as I surely did!
— GC/female

Lower Back Pain

I began having lower back pain which was burning and achy in nature. By the end of 4 days I was in real agony! I originally thought that it would ease up on its own, but the pain just got worse and worse; it got to the point where I could hardly even walk! I had taken Tylenol but it didn’t even touch the pain that I was having!

A friend of mine recommended I go see Dr. David B. Pearson. When I called I was in such pain that Dr. Pearson’s staff got me in the very same day! By now, the pain was so bad that I couldn’t even drive myself - my husband had to drive me to my appointment!

My first impression of Dr. Pearson was that he was very professional. I felt that he addressed my problem very well. He also gave me a very thorough examination.

Since beginning with chiropractic care, my back pain is pretty much gone. But, I know that, over time, without regular chiropractic adjustments, my back pain could eventually go back to being severe again — and I definitely wouldn’t want that to happen!
— VC/female

TMJ, Hearing, Back and neck Pain

I have suffered with TMJ problems off and on for the last 10 years. When I have it, the pain occurs on a daily basis. Over time the pain has gotten progessively worse.

I have also suffered with back and neck pain off and on for the past 43 years, and to complicate matters more, I suffered a stroke 5 years ago. My right side was effected, especially my right ear and hearing. Due to the progression in the lack of hearing in that ear, my medical doctor told me I will most likely be deaf in that ear in the future.

I used to see a chiropractor for my back and neck and had good results. As far as the hearing loss, my MD treated it with antibiotic therapy. I disliked this very much because I would have a reaction to the antibiotic and found that soon after treatment, I would get sick. I would also get a terrible pressure sensation in my head, I was so susceptible to colds and ear infections that I was becoming scared.

When my chiropractor retired, I could not find one who worked with TMJ, at least not until I called Dr. David Pearson’s office. When I asked if he worked with TMJ, the response was an emphatic, “Absolutely!”

I first saw Dr. Pearson in March and since that time my TMJ is doing much better; it’s almost nothing now as compared to before I started care. Also, I am not having low back pain or neck pain as frequently, intensely, or for as long as I used to either!

But most importantly is the fact that the hearing in my right ear has improved! I can now hear out of my right ear with my left ear covered; I couldn’t do that before I came in! And that annoying pressure sensation that I used to get in my head has gone away too!
— BH/female


Since the age of 8, I have suffered with headaches on a daily basis; that’s equal to having almost 2,900 headaches! Throughout the years, I have tried various things to try and get rid of my headaches, but mostly I was given different prescription medications. They worked briefly, but my headaches always returned. I even tried relaxation exercises. But again, my headaches would come back.

A friend of mine, who had seen Dr. Pearson and gotten great results, told me I should go see him. I did. He told me he thought he could help me. So I started with chiropractic care.

I noticed a difference after my very adjustment! I went for almost a whole week without having a headache! Now I have not had a headache in 2 weeks! What a difference from having them on a daily basis! Chiropractic has certainly worked for me.
— NC/female

Lower Back and Leg Pain

I have suffered with low back pain for 10-15 years. Along with my low back pain I also suffered with pain in my legs that was so severe that I would wake up in the middle of the night. My legs felt like they just weren’t long enough.

I had been to a chiropractor before, but didn’t have good results. So I decided not to go back. My wife was a patient of Dr. Pearson’s, and she convinced me to give him a try.

I started care in November and since that time I feel great! I feel that I am at 100% improvement! I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with severe leg pain. I can honestly say that my condition is better than I thought ever possible.
— RB/male

Lower Back Pain

I pulled a muscle in my lower back on the right side while exercising. Since I exercise regularly, I truly thought that this was going to get better and go away. But after just 3 days, the pain was so bad that I could hardly walk! In fact, the pain was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. Three days of suffering like this was enough! I had to do something!

That’s when I came to see Dr. Pearson. Since beginning with chiropractic adjustments, I can now move again without pain! I can run and exercise again with no pain! I know that if I don’t continue on with chiropractic care to help keep me in good physical shape, I could easily go back to the way I was in April and I certainly don’t want to go through that again!
— JY/female


I started to get headaches; I would usually get two a week. I started taking aspirin like they were candy. I would take 6 or 7 at a time, but still my headaches would last 3—7 hours! I was spending so much money on aspirin I felt I should have had stock in the company!

I was really cranky, too. Playtime with my kids went out the window. I didn’t want to do anything or be with anybody, and there was no speaking to me as a rational being.

I never thought I would get rid of these headaches but since starting with chiropractic adjustments, I now only get one headache every two weeks, if that. And they are not nearly as severe as they were and they don’t last as long either. I’m much happier and even my wife and kids notice the difference in me.
— JP/male

Hip Pain

I have suffered off and on for months with hip pain, but, the for the past 3 weeks or so, the pain has been absolutely un­bearable! I would take at least 3 aspirin every day at work otherwise the pain would be intolerable. I WAS IN PAIN EVERY DAY! My hip was sore to the touch. I had to be cautious when I got up and when I went to lay down. And, on top of that, it would ‘catch’ once in a while.

I guess my husband felt sorry for me. He made an appointment for me with Dr. David Pearson. He even said he’d pay for it!

I must admit that it never crossed my mind to go to a chiropractor. I always thought that you had to have a neck or back INJURY to see one.

I had no idea chiropractic could help with hip pain. I am so tickled with the results of my chiropractic care! – I truly cannot be­lieve what a difference it has made in my life! After just 9 adjustments, I am pain free!

I am pleasantly surprised at the relief I’ve gotten in such a short period of time!
— CV/female

Shoulder Pain

I began having terrible shoulder pain, and over the next 4 months the pain became excruciating. I had been to see several different medical doctors and tried numerous treatment methods like traction, physical therapy, and Vicodin, to help alleviate the pain. Although I would experience some minor improvement, the pain would return worse than ever. At this point I felt that my quality of life was so poor that it was nearly nonexistent! I had given up so many things (like driving) because of the pain. I even had to stop doing the one thing I absolutely loved to do: sewing!

Nor was I able to always do things myself. I am so thankful that I could live with my son-in-law and my daughter! They were absolutely wonderful in helping me. By now the MD’s told me to keep doing the exercises they had instructed me to do and to continue taking the pain killers they had described for me. They told me to return if it got worse.

Not long after this, the pain would got so bad that I began to skip coming to dinner on a few occasions.
I was at a loss as to what to do. Returning to the medical route didn’t make sense as I wasn’t any better. Besides, I was tired of popping pills that didn’t help.
My son-in-law, Thom, was going to a chiropractor and suggested I try chiropractic too. My daughter thought It was good idea as well. So, when I called up his chiropractor’s office and asked questions and was assured that he used “safe, gentle techniques,” that made me decide to make an appointment.
Slowly, with each adjustment, the pain began to go away and I began to feel better. In fact, I felt good enough to be able to have some fun and played dominos that night.

But the real turn around came just a little later! I was now feeling so much better that I began sewing again! In just two short months I have completed several major projects and I have started driving again! I am not totally better yet, but I am honestly able to say that I am feeling better than I have for a long, long time, and I am able to do so many more things! I am so happy I can do my sewing again! I truly believe that chiropractic has improved my quality of life!
Thank you Dr. Pearson!
— VD/Female

Neck and Back Pain

I was involved in a car accident. While I was driving my mid-sized car, I was struck by a van. I lost consciousness at the scene of the accident and I was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The medical doctors gave me muscle relaxers and pain killers to treat my injuries. But they did nothing for the neck and upper back pain that I was experiencing. I was beginning to get discouraged and felt there was no hope of getting better, and that I was just going to have to learn to live (if thats was you’d call it) with the pain. I thought that I would never live a normal life again, or ever get back to work. By this time my pain was so bad that I would have given it 10+!
I did a Google search and Dr. Pearson’s name was the first to come up. I went to his website; I liked the information provided there. I thought “maybe this guy could really help me.” So and called to make an appointment. I was so shocked! His staff actually got me in that day! No waiting several days or weeks like at some other doctor’s offices.

Well, I was right. I picked the right place! I have seen other chiropractors in the past, but none of them had the expertise Dr. Pearson does. I appreciate the fact that he is giving me information so I can be educated about my health and make better choices for staying healthy.

Since being under care, Dr. Pearson and chiropractic have given me new hope - hope that I will actually get better - that I won’t have to live with the pain for the rest of my life! I feel so much better already! And I don’t have to take drugs that make me feel “out-of-it” I’ve only been under care for 3 months, and the results are amazing!

Life is great again!
— KT/Female


I was experiencing soreness in my back and shoulders. On top of that I suffered with severe heartburn. For over 20 years, after every meal, I had to take baking soda and water to alleviate the heartburn. I had seen several MD’s for this problem, but nothing seemed to help. All they recommended was to take antacids and lose weight.
I heard about Dr. Pearson from my wife, who had been going to him for her migraine headaches. She suggested that since he had helped her, maybe he could help me as well for the soreness in my back and shoulders.
I am truly stunned and amazed. Not only did the spinal adjustments get rid of the pain and soreness in my back and shoulders, it also got rid of my heartburn! I even flirted with disaster when we ate a very spicy meal one night. Guess what? No heartburn! I am one satisfied patient!
— PL/male


For the last 30 years or so I have suffered with constipation. It would always be worse after eating cheese. The main problem here is that I REALLY LOVE cheese! And all kinds of foods made with cheese! But the agony that follows is anything but pleasant.
I had gone to other doctors and all they would tell me was to take Metamucil, eat breads that are higher in fiber, and to eat a diet rich in fiber. Even though I did as the doctors suggested, there was no change in my bowel habits. I had given up hope of ever getting rid of this problem!
My son had been going to Dr. Pearson and invited me to a heath talk. When Dr. Pearson explained about how the nerves go throughout the body and the parts of the body that are served by them, I became interested and wondered if chiropractic could help me. I called and made an appointment for an evaluation.
What fantastic results I have gotten since beginning with chiropractic care. Dr. Pearson has accomplished what the other doctors could not do with all the “fiber” remedies that they thought would help.
What a relief! I no longer am troubled with constipation. I can eat cheese until it comes out my ears if I want to because I feel GREAT! Isn’t it wonderful what chiropractic can do?!
Thank you Dr. Pearson for letting me enjoy the foods I like again!
— SEB/female